Understanding EnerGuide

What is the EnerGuide rating system?

Most Canadians have come across an EnerGuide label and have perhaps even used it to compare the energy cost of appliances or cars. EnerGuide is a rating system developed by the Government of Canada to rate the energy use of various products arming consumers with credible information about how much that product will cost to operate. This information, that is relied upon when purchasing a clothes washer or oven, is also available for your home. Both existing and newly constructed homes can be rated allowing home buyers to make an informed decision when it comes to one of their largest investments.

The City of Edmonton’s program is based on Version 15 of Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System which was launched in the Province of Alberta in the fall of 2016 and provides a gigajoule (GJ) rating.  Going forward this is the label being used in the Edmonton market.

How do I read the EnerGuide label?

What is a Gigajoule?

A gigajoule (GJ) is a unit of energy. You will likely have seen it on your natural gas bill, but you will not have seen it on your electricity bill (because that is measured in kilowatt hours). For the purposes of the EnerGuide rating, the electricity used in your home is converted to gigajoules. To give you some perspective on how much a gigajoule is in terms of energy output, take a look at this infographic provided by the federal government:

How do I read the EnerGuide home evaluation reports?

Following the EnerGuide evaluation of an existing home, your energy advisor will provide you with a Homeowner Information Sheet and a Renovation Upgrade Report.  Both of these documents provide valuable information including a detailed roadmap to improved energy efficiency.

New EnerGuide vs. Old EnerGuide

The older EnerGuide label was on a scale from 0-100 where as 100 would have indicated a home that generates as much energy as it uses (net-zero).  The new Energuide rating system is based on the amount of energy the home uses in gigajoules. So the closer the home is to zero the better its performance.  An EnerGuide rating of zero GigaJoules on the new EnerGuide label means the home generates as much energy as it uses (net-zero).

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