Builder Sign-Up For Multiple Homes

The City of Edmonton’s Change Homes for Climate – EnerGuide Program accepts only EnerGuide label version 15.

By participating in the Program, you authorize the City of Edmonton to publicly display your EnerGuide home ratings and labels and other information related to the homes on the City of Edmonton’s website

By completing this online process you are consenting to the terms and privacy policy of the program.

Please contact 780-328-2539 if you have any questions regarding the sign-up process.

This form is for builders sharing multiple homes. In order to be eligible for the rebate, you must share all of the labels your commission from your new homes for one year after signing up.

    Please carefully read through the Program Terms and Conditions before completing the application form below

    A. Builder Contact Information

    Builder Specific Acknowledgement

    If you click yes, you confirm and warrant to the City that as of the date of your agreement to these Terms and the Privacy Policy, you were the owner of the property or properties provided to the City within the schedule (the “Schedule”). The City has the sole discretion to approve the form of Schedule and you confirm that the Schedule will be updated as required by the City. You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to provide the EnerGuide rating and associated documents to the new homeowner when you, as the Builder, transfer title to the new homeowner and also in accordance with the Natural Resources Canada's established processes. You also agree to inform the new homeowner that their EnerGuide rating has been shared via the City’s website. If the homeowner wishes, they can have the City remove their home EnerGuide rating from the site by contacting

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    Please provide the contact information for the Service Organization that is providing you the EnerGuide labels that will be posted on the website:

    B. Property Information

    By completing this sign-up process, the following will be collected from the Service Organization for all homes you have labeled with the EnerGuide in the geographic boundaries of the City of Edmonton for display on the City Website:

    Unit Number
    Street Address
    Postal Code
    EnerGuide File Number:
    Date of Evaluation:
    Copy of the EnerGuide Label in PDF or JPG format with photograph of the home

    The above information will be collected and included in the “Schedule” that will be provided to the Builder.

    C. Consent

    Please carefully read the following, checking the boxes beside each statement, then click the "Submit" box at the bottom of the section to confirm that you have read, understood, agree with the terms of the program.

    By submitting this form, you confirm that:

    1. You have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.

    2. You consent to personal information related to your participation in the Program being collected, used, stored, and disclosed in accordance with the Program’s Privacy Policy (see below).

    3. You own (or owned) the properties in the “Schedule” at the time the EnerGuide label was issued.

    4. You consent to Natural Resources Canada disclosing to the City the EnerGuide Home Evaluations.

    5. You authorize the energy advisor or Service Organization who completed your EnerGuide Home Evaluations to provide copies of the EnerGuide labels for the properties in the Schedule.

    6. You consent to the City of Edmonton collecting, using and storing the information provided to it by Natural Resources Canada, accessed through your provided EnerGuide file numbers, which may include personal information, related to your participation in the EnerGuide Rating Home Evaluations.

    7. You consent to the City of Edmonton displaying the following on the City website:

      1. The information provided by you (or your Service Organization) in Section B (Property Information),

      2. The EnerGuide Information, including but not limited to parameters such as modeled energy consumption, heated floor area and modeled greenhouse gas emissions, and

      3. Copies of the EnerGuide labels produced as a result of the EnerGuide Home Evaluations.

      4. A photograph and address of the properties, displayed on a map.

    8. You consent to the City of Edmonton sharing your information with its approved contractor for the purposes of administering and evaluating the program.

    9. You consent to allow your EnerGuide rating, label and reports to remain on the City website until such time as the current titled owner of the property notifies the City via email at with a request to remove the property from the City of Edmonton website.