I am not selling, so why does an EnerGuide label matter to me?

An Energy efficient home is a healthy and comfortable home

Here are some ways home energy efficiency is linked to home comfort and health:

  • Better insulation and better air sealing means fewer hot spots, cold spots and drafts.
  • Double or triple-glazed windows keep out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter, resulting in less need for heating or air conditioning.
  • Newer heating systems use less energy and run more quietly.
  • A properly insulated foundation means warmer floors.
  • Proper air flow reduces mould problems.

An energy efficient home helps you contribute to the climate change solution.

Of Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions, 20% are the result of the energy we use in our homes, and 60% of Edmontonians are alarmed or concerned about climate change. Reducing energy use in the home is an important way for individuals to be part of the solution to climate change, reduce the community’s carbon footprint and ensure we have a high quality of life in the future.

Get ahead of the wave

Did you know that the average Edmontonian moves every six years?  You may think that you are living in your final destination but circumstances change; you get a new job and want to be closer to work, you want your kids to be closer to a specific school, or maybe you just need more space.  The housing market is rapidly changing, and buyers are looking to better understand the energy performance of the homes they are purchasing. Getting a label now can help you showcase any renovations you have made, or just remove some uncertainty for a buyer. Regardless of whether or not you have done renovations, other jurisdictions have shown that just having the label and sharing it as part of a real estate transaction leads to faster sales and sales prices closer to list because buyers have a clearer idea of  the total cost of ownership.