Builder Rebates

Get $200 off an EnerGuide evaluation

The City of Edmonton is providing a $200 rebate per house, for up to 10 houses, to home builders who get an EnerGuide evaluation (version 15) done, and who sign up to share their energy rating and label on Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map. The number of rebates are limited, and incentive levels are subject to change at anytime, so sign up today!

How to participate

The Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the process. For details, see below.

Step 1

Check your eligibility. To be eligible for a rebate:

  • you must be a home builder
  • the home is in the boundaries of the city of Edmonton
  • the home is a single-family detached, single-family attached (duplex, triplex, quadraplex), or row housing unit not exceeding three stories
  • the home has been evaluated by a licensed energy advisor and received an EnerGuide label with a gigajoule (GJ) rating (EnerGuide version 15) that has not been previously shared on the City of Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map.
    • If you do not have an EnerGuide label, please go to Step 2.
    • If you have an EnerGuide label already, please go to Step 3.
  • you agree to share all the EnerGuide labels you from your new homes in 2018

Step 2a

Contact a licensed service organization to arrange for your EnerGuide Home Energy Evaluations. Once the evaluations are complete, you will receive an EnerGuide label with a GJ rating and report for your home within 14 days.

The licensed service organizations we’ve partnered with are listed under Getting An EnerGuide Label.

Step 2b

Step 3

Complete the sign up sheet. For up to a few homes, you can complete the form for each home. For many homes, complete the form for multiple homes. In either case, the service organization will share your EnerGuide labels so we can add them to the map.

To receive the rebate, the home builder must agree to the program terms and conditions and share the energy rating and EnerGuide label on Edmonton’s EnerGuide for Homes map. If you meet the eligibility criteria (see Step 1), your rebate will automatically be processed. 

Want to know more? Read the FAQs or call us at 780-328-2539.

Need Help to Get Started?

Contact or call 780-328-2539

Energy Efficiency Alberta Home Improvement Rebates

Now that you know your home’s energy performance are you ready to improve it? Energy Efficiency Alberta can help with rebates of up to $6000 for the following energy efficiency upgrades:

  • Insulation – rebates of up to $3500
  • Windows – rebates of up to $1500
  • Tankless hot water heater – rebates of up to $1000

Visit or call 1-844-357-5604 to learn more.


*Cost of the EnerGuide evaluation varies. Call a licensed EnerGuide service organization for a quote.  The number of rebates provided is dependent on approved funding levels. As such, the City of Edmonton reserves the right to discontinue or alter the rebate at any time without notice.