As of June 22, 2017, Edmontonians who get an EnerGuide evaluation on their existing home and share the energy rating on the EnerGuide for Homes map will receive a $400 rebate*. Learn more.

Across Canada, Edmonton is rapidly becoming known as an energy sustainable city. Over the past decade, we have launched innovative community projects that conserve energy, use energy more efficiently and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from homes is a critical part of addressing climate change. As such, Edmonton City Council has approved the Community Energy Transition Strategy which has set a goal to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions 35% below 2005 levels by 2035. Residential buildings are responsible for approximately 20% of Edmonton’s greenhouse gas emissions.  To make real change, we need your help. Edmontonians need tools to make them aware of energy use in the home so they can make informed decisions for their families and the environment.

The goal of the EnerGuide for Homes: Spot the Difference initiative is to create this awareness and make greenhouse gases and energy use in homes more visible for everyone.

Learn more about the EnerGuide for Homes.

*Limited rebates available. The number of rebates granted is dependent on approved funding levels; as such, the City of Edmonton reserves the right to discontinue or alter the rebate at any time without notice.